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Welcome to the OpenetLab web site! Here you will find information about the OpenetLab technologies and the philosophy driving them. This site contains software and documentation for writing and deploying services on commercial-grade network elements, as well as access to archived mailing lists and other related resources.

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The OpenetLab Mission

In many respects, the OpenetLab mission is a very simple one:

  • To enable value-added services to be deployed across network elements dynamically, safely and conveniently, without degrading the performance and reliability of the network. OpenetLab was created to support this mission; on the one hand developing the fundamental enabling technologies, and on the other fostering a community of third-party developers that can take advantage of them to create the network services of the future.

Some fundamental changes are underway in the nature of the networking environment that are begining to shift emphasis away from undifferentiated and transparent data pipes:

  • Increasingly, customers stress equipment manufacturers's product cycles by asking for new, often contrasting, features to be deployed in a very short timeframe;
  • Booming ISPs/ASPs actively seek new strategic areas for differentiation in network services;
  • Very high-value traffic coexists with a lot of low-value traffic within a single commodity infrastructure;
  • Impedance mismatches in the network (e.g., wire vs wireless) create opportunities for intelligent traffic adaptation;
  • Reduced TTM requirements for products require a high degree of software reuse, and state of the art software practices;
  • Customer care solutions become crucial for customer expansion and customer loyalty (e.g., real-time IP accounting).

This web site is one of the main tools for accomplishing the OpenetLab mission. It provides a forum for sharing information and technology, and a way of communicating the experiences and the requirements of everyone using the OpenetLab technology.

We encourage you to take advantage of it and use it as much as you can. Moreover, you can find detail info about OpenetLab technology from the following publications.

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